Careline Clinic


Upholding human dignity through a caring healing service for all.


We strive towards establishing a multi-disciplinary team that will provide all core psychiatric services cost effectively to the population of the Northern Cape.

Destigmatizing mental illness by upholding human dignity and delivering quality services.

Maintaining exceptional professional services and support.

Optimising  resources to ensure a profitable outcome.

Creating a therapeutic environment, continuous research, training and development to build organizational capacity.

A Letter from the Board

Our Services

Folang Facility

Our New Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation Facility

Adult Voluntary Psychiatry

Adult Voluntary Psychiatry patients needing hospital care

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Child & adolescent patients needing hospital care

Careline Clinic’s Culture

Upholding our patients human dignity is the beacon of Careline Clinic’s activities. It is transparent in our continuous commitment to deliver:

  • Exceptional quality care
  • Professional psychiatric and nursing services to every patient in our therapeutic environment

Careline Clinic has taken great care in creating a relaxing and homely environment where we equip our patients with psychotherapy crisis resolution skills to cope with life challenges. We have empathy for our patients who are fragile, have been emotionally traumatized and are dealing with personal problems.

Careline Clinic employees have high working  standards and are prepared to walk the extra mile to ensure our patients get the best care possible.

Careline management work closely together in minimizing risk that might jeopardise the health and safety of our employees, patients and the public. We safeguard patients and employees by providing and maintaining a safe and stimulating work environment, where reasonably practical.

Employees and personnel are empowered to uphold human dignity and they are able to provide a caring healing service for you by restoring and upholding your human dignity.

Our Journey

What began as a succession of ideas, images, ambition and a strongly desired goal back in 2010, soon became a reality in 2015 when the first patient was welcomed and admitted on the 31st of August 2015 at CARELINE CLINIC PRIVATE PSYCHIATRY HOSPITAL.

According to South African Statistics:

  • Between 1% and 31% of the South African population are likely to suffer from a mental health problem that is severe enough to require hospitalisation
  • One in five South Africans are significantly affected by a mental health disorder
  • Nearly 20% of high school students think about fatally harming themselves every year

The following needs were identified for the Establishing of Careline Clinic:

Provide private hospital beds for psychiatric patients in the province.

Obviate patients traveling to other Provinces for Psychiatry admissions

Reduce the burden of mental disease and suffering

Provide exceptional quality care to residents of the Northern Cape

Stimulate economic growth in the Northern Cape

    Careline Clinic Ltd is an investment initiated in the Northern Cape Province that is committed to quality health care as well as:

    • Promoting the health and welfare of our Clients
    • Optimizing resources to ensure a profitable outcome

    Careline Clinic‘s Journey commenced when the shareholders and funders envisioned the Private Mental Health Hospital which is the 1st of its kind in the Northern Cape Province. We offer:

    • 24 Male and 24 Female Voluntary Beds
    • 20 Child/Adolescent Psychiatry services needing hospital care.
    • 20 beds at our substance abuse rehabilitation facility known as Folang

    Our goal has been geared towards establishing of a multi-disciplinary team that will provide all core Psychiatric services cost effectively to the population of the Northern Cape.

    Frequently asked questions

    Do you cover outpatient clients?

    Yes! Our resident social worker and psychologists are available on booking of an appointment.

    How long will I be admitted for?

    Our Psychiatry Treatment Program is two weeks long, depending on a patients progress. The Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program is three weeks long. After graduation, patients are discharged.

    What do I do to get admitted?

    You will need a referral letter from either your General Practitioner, Psychologist, Social Worker, or Employee Wellness Coordinator or place of work stating the  reason for admission. Documents required are your ID, Medical Aid information or banking details and proof of income (for private patients). As a rule, your negative result COVID Test (Not more than 3 days old) is also required.

    Does your facility have COVID Prevention Measures?

    Yes! All new admissions must go through our “Orange Zone” where they are isolated for up to 72 hours (Depending on the age of their COVID tests). After isolation they are moved to the “Green Zone” and their screening remains negative (all negative tested patients are held here). It is expected of all patients and staff to wear masks, maintain social distancing while practicing good hand hygiene and coughing/sneezing etiquette. A patient may be discharged if they do not adhere to these precautionary measures.

    What does the Treatment Process entail

    All Treatment Programs include Occupational Therapy – Group and one-on-one sessions – Social Workers, Psychiatrists, Psychologists and counsellor sessions. Patients are also encouraged to participate in group activities. These activities and sessions empower patients with the necessary coping and problem-solving skills to face their problems once discharged. Attendance to the Treatment Program is compulsory and a patient may be discharged should they violate the Therapy Agreement

    Upholding human dignity through a caring, healing service for all

    24/7 service. Walk-ins are accepted.

    061 476 7755

    R31 Provincial Road, El Toro Park, Kimberley, 8300

    45 MacDougall Street, El Toro Park, Kimberley, 8301