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We cater for Psychiatric Services in the following areas:

Substance Abuse Psychiatry

Adult Voluntary Psychiatry

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

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Psychiatry Services:

Substance Abuse

Introducing the Folang Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Facility

Adult Voluntary

Adult patients needing hospital care

Child and Adolescent

Services specifically created to meet the needs of children, teens and their families.

Substance Abuse

A team of Occupational therapists provide intervention with the main goal of enabling people to participate in activities of everyday life whilst maintaining healthy relationships. Balanced participation in occupation is required for overall well-being, and specifically mental health. Occupational therapy is a patient-centred approach focused on promoting health and wellness through experiential learning that improves skills. Occupational therapists treat patients through the therapeutic use of everyday activities.

It is a two-week group therapy program where both a patients’ relationship with self and with others is explored. Through participation the client experiences his/her own potential and becomes aware of latent skills and strengths. This can lead to increased confidence and better participation in problematic activities of daily living. In a group the client also experiences interaction with other clients and becomes aware of faulty thinking patterns and communication styles. Therapy mostly includes group therapy with individual sessions scheduled as needed only (e.g. if a client has a physical- or cognitive disability that should be addressed outside of group therapy). Group sessions are presented in a professional, nonthreatening manner. 

Groups include:

Experiential Learning Groups:

Increase Knowledge, Develop Skills and Clarify Values

Socio-Emotional Groups:

Focus on improvement of Self-esteem, Self-awareness and Self-knowledge

Stress Management Groups:

Identify stressors, learn In-action techniques and utilise Relaxation therapy

Numerous Craft Activities:

Learn a new craft, time of relaxation, platform to utilise creativity and express self

Cognitive Groups:

Concentration, memory, problem solving and listening skills



Recovery depends on treating both the addiction and the mental health problem. Getting combined psychiatry treatment from the same multi-disciplinary team.

In Careline Clinic’s confidential and therapeutic environment our team of professionals have minimised any negative consequences by implementation of the integrated approach;

Educate you on the role that substance play in your life and health.

Discuss own use of substance.

How substance interact with mental illness and medication.

Help you identify and develop your own recovery goals and strategies for change.

Share in decision-making process.

Simultaneously treat both the substance abuse and the mental health disorder.

Provides individual, group and family counselling.

Taught healthy coping skills and strategies to *Minimise substance abuse *Cope with setbacks *Strengthen relationships.

Recovery from substance abuse does not happen overnight. It is an on-going process that can take months/years and relapse are common. On-going support for both patient and love ones is a crucial aspect at Careline Clinic towards our patient’s recovery.

Adult Voluntary

Adult patients needing hospital care will be provided with excellent quality care and commitment from our professional Multi-Disciplinary team.

Includes Patients with:


Mood disorders (Depression),

Anxiety Disorders (Schizophrenia)

Psychotic Disorders

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders,

Grievance and loss



Careline Clinic Offers:


48 Adult Voluntary beds with medium security.

A Seclusion Room with high security (should patient requires it before transferring to an involuntary admission facility).

24 hour protective environment with professional nursing care.

Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, General Practitioner, Pathologists.

Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistant, Social Workers, Registered Trauma Counsellor, Motivational Speakers and Pastors.

Comprehensive group therapy programme.

Balanced/Prescribed diet as approved by qualified Dietician.

Child and Adolescent

Careline Clinic has a full-range of psychiatric Services specifically created to meet the needs of children, teens and their families.

If they have problems with sadness, fears, anger and attention and learning, strange behaviour, weight, relationship trouble, struggling with grieve, divorce, trauma or mental illness, our multi-disciplinary team provides a comprehensive healing caring service to uphold the Human Dignity of our Children and teenagers.


Common mental disorders in Child/Adolescents treated at Careline Clinic includes:


Functional neuro-developmental disorders


Anxiety and depression

Disruptive Impulsive-control disorders (kleptomania, ect.)

Conduct disorder | Behavioural meltdowns in autism/epilepsy/FAS disorders and other childhood disorders requiring diagnosis, hospitalisation, stabilising and treatment

Careline Clinic is licensed to admit 20 children/adolescents between the ages of 12-18.


24 hour professional nursing care in a protective environment

Multi-disciplinary team

PLAY Therapy Assessment Room

School holiday Peer/Group Programmes

Occupational Therapy Room and Kitchen (for their recreation, emotional growth, learning process)

Own court yard with various outdoor games and activities


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