Patients will have access to quality nursing care and our multi disciplinary team.

Folang Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Facility


The Folang program will be facilitated in our serene and breezy yet modern facility.

Participants will be accommodated for 3 weeks and have access to our dazzling gardens, filled with lively birdlife and a very relaxing environment that are aesthetically pleasing to their minds and senses.

Patients will have access to quality nursing care and our multi disciplinary team.

Luscious nutritional meals will be served to support recovery.

Our patients will experience comfortable seating, good lighting, background music/television and reading materials in our therapeutic environment with walls decorated with fascinating art work.

Our rooms have a homely feel, and walls are decorated with medical posters to help explain the most common risks in substance abuse.



Psychology Program – “what to do when I am discharged”

Rehab Program – Aftercare Referral and Placement

Equipped with health education and knowledge regarding Mental Health condition.

Health Education on prescribed medication and generics

Minimized chances of relapse, re-admission/medication defaults.


Symptoms of stress and quick fixes

Self-Image, Communication

Conflict management, Anxiety

Relaxation Therapy (Jacobson)

Breathing and relaxing techniques

Experiential Learning Groups: Increase knowledge, develop skills and clarify values

Cognitive Groups: Concentration, memory, problem-solving and listening skills

Craft Groups-Stimulating creativity, relaxation techniques and new hobbies to engage once at home


Detoxification or dry-out is needed before enrolment to the program

OT for Skills development-crafts, baking and gardening

Psycho-education through group sessions and individual contact sessions

Holistic Social interventions through one-on-one sessions, family sessions and group sessions

Motivational Testimonies from ex-users

Spiritual and Nature awareness sessions

Alcohol and Drugs Educational Workshops

Fitness Program – Boot Camp and Gym Workouts

Nutritional Program

Weekend Relaxation:

– Karaoke and movie nights

– Braai/Potjie at facility or during boat trips at the river.


Emotional Intelligence

Anger management

Managing stress

Co-Morbid Psychiatric Conditions

Grief and Acceptance


Relationships/Relationship Dynamics


Financial Management

What will I do when I am discharged?

Rediscover your Inner self and Abilities.

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