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Multi-disciplinary – that’s what we call our team. Diverse, talented, and ready to take care of your needs.

Our Multi-disciplinary Team


The psychiatrist is the head of the therapeutic team and the admitting medical practitioner. The psychiatrist refers patients for therapeutic interventions as well as admission to Careline Clinic. Psychiatric consultations occur on a daily basis and psychotherapy is provided as indicated. The psychiatrist is also responsible for prescribing medication and review of psychiatric medication.

Nursing Professionals

Observation and support are a core function of the psychiatric nursing staff at Careline Clinic. The Nursing staff use the scientific nursing process to assess the patient’s mental health status, to establish specific care plans to meet the identified needs and to deliver specific nursing interactions to meet those needs.

Clinical Psychologists

Patients are referred to a psychologist for psychotherapy and/or psychometric evaluation. Assess patients according to their levels of functioning. Treatment includes learning activities and socio-emotional and creative groups. The aim is towards independency, healing and appropriate social behaviour and coping skills training for individual patients as well as for groups will be done by our skilled therapists.

Social Workers

Social workers assists the patients to assess and evaluate their social network and to develop supportive relationships. If indicated, referral to other institutions for continuous care is done by the social worker.

Occupational Therapists

Through scientific techniques patients will be assisted and taught how to relax. Uses therapeutic tools for observation and the treatment of problems resulting from patients mental health problems. Art and craft activities helps acquiring new skills.


Assess the effect of the mental illness on the body, and vice versa. Certain treatment interventions are implemented to relieve the effects of muscle tension and strain to ensure pain relief and relaxation.

Pastoral Counsellors

Works towards the rediscovery of unity between body, mind and spirit. During counselling sessions spiritual, social and emotional issues are explored in order to obtain insight and personal integration. Most people who are trapped in depression, anxiety or poor and abusive relationships are overwhelmed with a sense of despair, robbing them of any sense of hope.


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