Here at Careline Clinic we believe that to uphold our vision, “Upholding Human Dignity Through a Caring Healing Service For All”, the best staff need to be employed at our facility. Our number one goal is making sure that people who are admitted at or even visit our facility are satisfied with the quality of services we render. We are currently surrounded by a group of very experienced professionals from the staff in our admin department to our multi-disciplinary team of clinicians who carry out assessments on the patients that we admit. Those looking forward to joining our organization should be able to meet the requirements needed according to their scope of practice.

Below are a list of exciting opportunities that are available to those who are interested in joining our team.

Upholding human dignity through a caring, healing service for all

24/7 service. Walk-ins are accepted.

061 476 7755

R31 Provincial Road, Kimberley, 8300

45 MacDougall Street, El Toro Park, Kimberley, 8301