Dear Clinician colleague

Did you know that according to the SAFMH ( approximately 20% of South Africans suffer from psychiatric illnesses, making psychiatric disorders the third highest contributor to the local burden of disease, after HIV and other infectious diseases?…the WHO predicts that Depression alone will be the second highest contributor to the worldwide burden of  disease after infectious diseases by 2020(4years time)??

Careline Clinic is committed to actively helping South Africans but specifically our Northern Cape residents become a happier and healthier people by providing a wide range of psychiatric services to our communities. We are therefore proud to announce that we are now open and admitted our first patients on the 31st of August 2015. The project is funded by the Industrial Development Corporation and the Department of Trade and Industry through a part loan and part grant facility – largely as acknowledgement of the great need for the psychiatry services in our environment.

 Careline clinic provides 20Child and Adolescent psychiatry beds, 48 Adult voluntary psychiatry and substance abuse psychiatry beds.

Our new 68-bed private psychiatry hospital has established a specialist  Multi-Disciplinary Team which includes a child and adolescent psychiatrist, 3general Psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers  and mental health nurses(offering 24hour care and support) Careline clinic provides  all core Psychiatry services cost effectively. This team is supported by dieticians and physiotherapists in offering specialised treatment for adolescents, eating disorders, post-natal depression, Substance dependencies(addiction), geriatrics and other general psychiatric disorders in an environment of safety, comfort and expert care.

 Careline clinic strives and is

  • providing a therapeutic milieu that is tranquil supervised by caring nurses who undergo continuous in-house  training
  • serving scrumptious but healthy meals essential for active patients who are engaged in occupational therapy and psychology sessions together with gymn sessions in our in-house gymnasium.
  • reaching out to all patients and therefore accept all medical aids, Road motor fund, WCA funding for injuries on duty including any cash arrangements with individual patients and institutions alike. Our clinicians are encouraged to provide 10% of their services pro-bono; in recognition of the generosity of our funders but the largely poor environment we operate in and the great need for the people to access essential psychiatry services.
  • cost effectively dispensing essential psychotropic medications from our in-house dispensary which is stocked with all new and old generation psychotropics.
  • providing transport for admission patients(who do not have own transport) to and from all practices in central Kimberley. Clinicians are encouraged to contact our admission reception when there is such a need.

Careline clinic is located on the southern side of Kimberley along the R31 Road between the N12 and Douglas Road. It is a tranquil environment with extensive veldt terrain allowing our patients to take long walks or just stare into the vast N. Cape skies peacefully.



We extend an invite to you to come join us for tea, 1hr ethics CPD accredited activity and a guided walk around our facility this Saturday the 23rd of January, 2016 between 12h00 and 15h00.

Kindly acknowledge attendance on

Resident Psychiatrists are now ready to accept referrals to the hospital. Patients can be referred directly to Careline clinic for admission 24hrs daily. The admissions reception is 053-0300012 and 053-0300014 (Lorato, Lerato, Obakeng and Sandy for enquiries and general information)

Dr Moroe G.     0787635046

Dr Kirimi NK     0827876635

Dr Katunzi E    0833192698

Further information can be found on our website,; Kindly bear with us if you have difficulties with access as the site is undergoing extensive overhaul.

The Careline clinic Team looks forward to a close working relationship with you in years ahead to improve the mental health of our patients but also meeting you on Saturday if your schedule allows – even for a few minutes.

Thanking you for taking time to browse through this communiqué.

Dr Robertson A                                                                         Dr Kirimi NK

Chairman – Careline clinic Board                                            Child & adolescent Psychiatrist.