On the 24th of February 2023, Careline Clinic and Northern Cape Caterers hosted a colour run with our patients. It was a fun day filled with much laughter and joy despite people getting dirty. Speaking on the day’s events, Safiyiah Mohamed who is the Kitchen Manager for Northern Cape Caterers at Careline Clinic and was the event organizer had the following to say:

“To be quite honest the colour run was inspired by the Holi Festival of Colours which is celebrated by the Indian community each year to celebrate new beginnings, love, life and the ushering in of spring. As I am of Indian heritage I felt it would be a good opportunity to have the colour run which was inspired by the festival. Initially the patients also wanted to do something fun this Friday so I organised lots of colour powder, encouraged my staff, Careline Clinic staff and the patients who would be participating to wear clothes that they would not mind seeing get dirty during the activity. In the end their request for a fun activity and The Holi Festival of Colours is what inspired the days activities. I’d say that the activity was a success even though people got dirty, a lot of people left with smiles on their faces and ended their day on high note. I am hoping to do this again next year with an even bigger group of people but we will see what next year holds. I would also like to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the event and those who helped with the organisation of it with special thanks to Sister Mogoje, Mrs Lucas and my staff this would not have been a success without you”

Below are an aftermath of day’s events even though people were left dirty, they were left smiling and full of life.