On the 30th of November 2022, Careline Clinic hosted an event for our staff members and outsourced services called Secret Santa. The goal of this event was to have a pre-celebration for Christmas and how it worked was that all staff members and outsourced service providers would draw a name and get a present for that said individual. The exciting part would be that one would not know who is buying them a gift until the gifts were handed out. Hence the name “Secret Santa.” The theme of the event was red and white which was inspired by the colours of Christmas. After all the presents were handed out, guests enjoyed an excellent meal courtesy of our kitchen staff and were treated to a night of music and other social festivities.

Speaking on the event Careline Clinic CEO Yvette Lucas who spearheaded the event had the following to say: Here at Careline Clinic we wanted to honour the spirit of Christmas and create a festive atmosphere, filled with the excitement of giving and receiving gifts, love, joy and laughter. I’d also like to thank all those who have been able to attend the event, all those who helped with the organisation of the event with special thanks going to our Credit Control officer Aldren Van Der Linde who agreed to be our Santa Claus this year and handed out gifts to everyone who attended the event, our Admin Clerk Zelda Louw who did a lot of administrative work in making sure everyone is assigned to buy a gift for someone and our Maintenance Manager Thomas Maluleke for organising the transportation of staff to and from the event and for organising the lighting and sound for the event. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Joyous festive season, whilst remembering that there is no health without mental health.”